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International PLUS-Forum “Payments and Cash Circulation” comes soon in September!

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In 2022, the PLUS-Forum proved to be an effective platform for productive business communication of the regulators, experts and delegated from banking entities.

The event, which really generated an excitement among market participants, was attended by more than 1500 delegates, over 100 key speakers, over 50 exhibitors from more than 10 countries, including the major markets of the planet, such as China, South Korea, Türkiye, as well as the CIS countries.

PLUS-Forum brought together top managers of Sberbank, Promsvyazbank, Bank of Russia, Moscow Credit Bank, Rosbank, Home Credit Bank, UralSib Bank, Alfa-Bank and many others.

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What is PLUS-Forum? It implies the following:

— topical issues of interaction between banking and retail

— recognized industry experts willing to share their expertise

— leading companies presenting their unique technology, products and services at a large-scale innovative exhibition

—  unique environment for sharing best practices and establishing new business contacts

Key topics of the PLUS-Forum:

  • Implementation of the National Payment System Development Strategy for 2021–2023 
  • Global trends in retail banking. Russian payment solutions
  • Opportunities for integration and development of national electronic payment instruments on the markets of friendly countries
  • Digital society banks in the realities of sanctions. Shift in business concepts. Ensuring import independence as regards critical infrastructure 
  • Development of domestic software for a number of relevant areas. From ERP products, back office systems and security systems to currency templates, online banks and customer’s personal online areas
  • Development of digital channels and use of biometrics
  • Digital ruble. An important element of technological sovereignty. Prospects for using the digital ruble in cross-border payments?
  • SBP (Faster Payment System). What's done, what we are doing and what else we want to do
  • Standardization of Open APIs. The migration of financial institutions to Bank as a Service (BaaS) models as the first step towards Open Finance
  • Retail banking. How the landscape of products and services is changing. New innovation potential
  • SMB today. Crisis or time for new opportunities
  • Merchant acquiring and SBP. QR code use cases. The return of contactless payment technology
  • Development of SBPay services and opportunities for direct tokenization of a bank account
  • Cross-border payments and transfers. What has been done, what needs to be done
  • NSPK’s uniform loyalty program for MIR cards and SBP. What's done, what's to be done
  • Cash circulation in the modern world. Top trends
  • Cash handling models amid sanctions. Banks. Retail
  • Cash circulation after the exit of traditional suppliers from the market
  • Technological sovereignty as one of the goals of the Russian cash circulation. Import substitution strategy
  • Demand for modern technologies of the banknotes and coins production. 100, 200 and 2000 ruble banknotes. Prospects for issuing banknotes of other denominations
  • The problem of developing banknote templates for ATMs and counting equipment. Its solution
  • From import substitution to import independence. Banking self-service systems and counting and sorting equipment amid sanctions
  • Global ATM market. Latest trends
  • Current state and evolution of the Russian banking infrastructure
  • and other topics

Confirmed PLUS-Forum sponsors and partners include:

Global Sponsor:

• Gamma Center

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• Centerm

Chief Sponsors:

• BFS; M4Bank; Deep2000


• Jinguan; SIM2M; ATM Alliance; Mingsen Technologies; NEWCARD; LAN ATM Service; TOPWISE; HYUSUNS; Europieum; JTact;   Lanter; ART Bank; SAGA Technologies

Associate and Media Partners:

• FintechStart; UBA; Association of Corporate Treasurers; Electronic money; Confederation of Digital Business; Association of Banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Logistika; Expomap; OFD24; 24KG; ISO27000ru; Inter Crim Press; TimeLottery; ICTONLINE; Vyberu.ru; Prime; BO; LOGIRUS

Forum 2022 Summary (The summary of PLUS-Forum «Payments» (Photo Video)

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